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  • Welcome to the information site of the R.E.M. tour in 2004/2005. As far as we know now, R.E.M. will be touring Europe again end of summer/autumn 2004 or in 2005. Since we are kind of tired of paying hundreds of euro's and then just see a few shows, we decided to do it in a different way: why not take a touringcar, put 50 people in it and then follow the band for about a month? This way we could see 15 to 20 shows for a reasonable price: about 900 to 1250 EUR, including travel, tickets and camping... So please check out the "why this website?" section for more information! People from all over the world are welcome!

    Kirsten Verdel, Netherlands


    We are young despite the years
    We are concern
    We are hope despite the times
           (These Days - R.E.M.)


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